We Can Strengthen Your Union

Union pension plans face funding, mortality, PBGC and regulatory challenges, resulting in critical data quality issues demanding active resolution.


Recognizing these critical challenges, ABL Tech uses a proactive strategy, employing our proprietary software, refined processes, and superior data sources to swiftly rectify participant data inaccuracies, ensuring pension plan record integrity.

We’re dedicated to innovation and excellence in our products, leading the industry with unmatched life and mortality verification solutions.

Our tools set new standards for accuracy, covering more ground to secure union pension plans’ financial stability against today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

ABL Tech leads by using advanced tech, expert processes, and top data to solve data quality issues for union pension plans. Our innovative products ensure accuracy, compliance, and efficiency in a changing landscape.

Our Suite of Outstanding Products

Mortality Verification

MVerify® confirms participants’ mortality using databases and obituaries, ensuring accurate records and preventing fraud.

Missing Participants

LifeVerify uses mail, phone outreach, and a detailed audit trail report to comply with Department of Labor and IRS guidelines for locating participants.

Beneficiary Research

BeneVerify reunites missing relatives with entitled benefits post-participant’s mortality, using commercial databases and thorough investigations.