ABL Tech Partners with TPAs for Simplified andCompliant Plan Administration



Leveraging an extensive obituary database, a skilled team, and substantial investment, ABL Tech provides top-tier population management solutions in the field.

ABL Tech solutions locate mortality individuals, participants, and beneficiaries.

We prevent millions in overpayments and free up billions in reserves to sustain multiple pension plans.

We utilize cutting-edge technologies. Our participant data solutions guarantee precise data, maintaining integrity, and comply with both state and federal regulations.

Our Suite of Outstanding Products

Mortality Verification

MVerify® confirms participants’ mortality using databases and obituaries, ensuring accurate records and preventing fraud.

Missing Participants

LifeVerify uses mail, phone outreach, and a detailed audit trail report to comply with Department of Labor and IRS guidelines for locating participants.

Beneficiary Research

BeneVerify reunites missing relatives with entitled benefits post-participant’s mortality, using commercial databases and thorough investigations.