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ABL Tech specializes in advanced mortality verification, technology, and analytics solutions aimed at identifying unknown deceased individuals and connecting beneficiaries with their rightful benefits. Our mission is supported by the continuous expansion of our decedent database, the enhancement of our algorithms, the application of artificial intelligence, and comprehensive reporting. Originally established as LMA Technologies, ABL Tech’s founding goal was to offer life insurance institutional investors a robust solution for mortality tracking. Our platform enables businesses and pension plans to effectively track, analyze, and enhance their management and risk assessment of pensioners, beneficiaries, and policyholders. Located in Orlando, we provide a cloud-based solution to clients across the United States.

ABL Tech caters to a diverse range of industries and organizations nationwide, including Unions, Government, Insurance, Third-Party Administrators, small to medium-sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies.


ABL Tech prioritizes the security of our clients and their information. Being a cloud-based provider, we handle some of the most critical data for our customers, and our primary focus is on ensuring its safety. To maintain high security standards, ABL Tech regularly conducts penetration tests and vulnerability assessments. We utilize AI driven exploit detectors on all our local systems that enable us to address any security concerns immediately. Our systems are engineered to comply with GDPR regulations, ensuring data privacy and protection. Additionally, we employ encryption for data both at rest and during transmission. The trust our customers place in us to safeguard their sensitive information is something we take very seriously, and protecting this data is our top priority.

Secure and Reliable Infrastructure

ABL Tech partners with HostDime to ensure the secure and reliable hosting of both our staging and production environments. By utilizing several availability zones, ABL Tech achieves redundant storage of customer data, enhancing data resilience. The HostDime data centers boast round-the-clock security, including biometric scanning and video surveillance, and adhere to numerous international security and compliance standards through ongoing certification processes.

Customer Data

All data within our system is encrypted while at rest, in transit, and during backup procedures. Access to this data is strictly confined to authorized personnel only. The policy for data retention is customizable to meet client needs, and we have implemented a thorough data deletion protocol.

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SOC 2 Type II