MVerify® Ensuring accuracy Beyond the End

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Nationwide Coverage


Manual Work



Identifies Individuals

MVerify® streamlines pension distribution by identifying mortality recipients, preventing fraud, and ensuring fund stability.

Extracts Information

Our system uses unique algorithms built to gather thousands of sources, ensuring accurate and extensive up-to-date obituary database.

Sweep Files and Databases

Our process combines weekly checks with the Social Security Death Master File, state data, and daily obituary database reviews providing reliable reports for informed decisions.

Rapid Results

Our team provides weekly, accurate mortality reports to pension plans, using cross-checks from various sources to minimize overpayments and fraud risks


Simple User Interface  Eliminate all manual work – just results

Mortality Demographics

Enhance understanding with dynamic mortality demographics visualization.

Sources Overview

Unveil the Hidden Stories: Trace Mortality Data from SSA, States, and Obituaries

Easy Reporting

Weekly Mortality Reports with Comprehensive Week-by-Week Analysis

Our Suite of Outstanding Products

Mortality Verification

MVerify® confirms participants’ mortality using databases and obituaries, ensuring accurate records and preventing fraud.

Missing Participants

LifeVerify uses mail, phone outreach, and a detailed audit trail report to comply with Department of Labor and IRS guidelines for locating participants.

Beneficiary Research

BeneLife reunites missing relatives with entitled benefits post-participant’s mortality, using commercial databases and thorough investigations.