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Unclaimed life insurance benefits face challenges due to distinct regulations, unlike those for retirement funds. Companies must conduct audits, crucial for timely benefit disbursement as required by life insurance policies.

Regulatory mandates require insurance companies to verify policyholder data diligently, an ethical responsibility towards policyholders and beneficiaries. Lapses in compliance audits can extend benefit transfer gaps, leading to more unclaimed funds.

Insurance companies need robust systems to track policyholders’ statuses and facilitate smooth benefit transfers. Using advanced data management to navigate regulatory and compliance requirements is critical in fulfilling these needs.

Our Suite of Outstanding Products

Mortality Verification

MVerify® confirms participants’ mortality using databases and obituaries, ensuring accurate records and preventing fraud.

Missing Participants

LifeVerify uses mail, phone outreach, and a detailed audit trail report to comply with Department of Labor and IRS guidelines for locating participants.

Beneficiary Research

BeneVerify reunites missing relatives with entitled benefits post-participant’s mortality, using commercial databases and thorough investigations.