Optimizing Government Pensions:Your Ally in Public Sector Retirement Solutions


These challenges pose financial and compliance risks, undermining public pension system integrity. State data laws’ complexity leads to inconsistencies, while manual verification of mortality records is time-consuming and error-prone, risking costly mistakes.

Our system strategically assists public pensions by handling data complexities securely, preventing overpayments and fraud risks. ABL Tech’s solution ensures robust mortality data management, freeing administrators to focus on core functions.

ABL Tech crafted a tailored solution for public pensions, automating mortality verification to reduce manual work. Leveraging advanced tech, our method ensures accurate and comprehensive data.

Our Suite of Outstanding Products

Mortality Verification

MVerify® confirms participants’ mortality using databases and obituaries, ensuring accurate records and preventing fraud.

Missing Participants

LifeVerify uses mail, phone outreach, and a detailed audit trail report to comply with Department of Labor and IRS guidelines for locating participants.

Beneficiary Research

BeneVerify reunites missing relatives with entitled benefits post-participant’s mortality, using commercial databases and thorough investigations.