We Are ABLTech

We are the leading provider of mortality, location and beneficiary tracking. Our publicly traded parent company, Abacus Life (ABL), is transforming the life insurance and pension management industry by introducing three innovative channels: ABL Tech, ABL Wealth, and ABL Longevity Funds, making it more accessible and progressive.

Meet Our Team

Executive Team

Jay Jackson


Sean McNealy

Managing Partner

Vinnie Pellegrino

Vice President

Chris Romaine

General Counsel

Design & Technology Team

Tim Leonard

Director of IT

Armando Cabrera

Financial Engineer

Tom MacDonald

Financial Analyst

Matthew Olivos

Full Stack Developer

Patrick Galloway

Full Stack Developer

Mitchell Thanath

Full Stack Developer

Matthew Nguyen

Full Stack Developer

Marketing Team

Jeff Smith

Vice President of Marketing

Michael Francis

Marketing Analyst