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Carrier-level connectivity, virtually anywhere.

IP system can bring carrier-level, high-throughput, Internet backbone connectivity to virtually any spot on the inhabited globe. Where Internet connections are currently slow and unreliable due to inadequate land-based infrastructure, IP system can establish broadband-level throughputs. Where no connections exist at all, IP system can provide the request path to, as well as the return path from, the heart of the Internet--all via satellite.

Improved Quality of Service to End-Users

IP system improves reliability by creating a direct channel from the Internet backbone to the ISP's POP, or its customers' premises. Rather than shuffling from point-to-point-to-point and fighting for scarce bandwidth with other traffic before reaching its destination, IP system enabled content gets a smooth, one-hop ride straight to the ISP's POP - or customer premises - where it can be readily accessed by end-users. The result: faster throughputs, increased usage and happier customers.

Flexibility for evolving needs

In contrast to fixed terrestrial connections, IP system solutions are flexible and can grow incrementally, on demand, to meet evolving business needs. From startup ISPs wishing to serve a few hundred subscribers to rapidly growing providers serving hundreds of thousands of customers, to the largest of the world's carriers -- all can benefit from IP system's easy to implement and robust connectivity and bandwidth enhancement solutions.

Outstanding reliability and performance

Every part of the IP system service uses fully redundant, best-in-class components. Direct Internet backbone connections are secured via transit arrangements with tier-one ISPs at the origination end, and are extended to New Skies media ports via self-healing fiber optic rings. At the media port site, routers, LAN switches, bandwidth management systems and DVB encapsulators from leading vendors such as Cisco, Packeteer, Harmonic Data Systems and Skystream Networks guarantee optimum traffic management and signal processing before transmission to New Skies' satellites. With a combined fleet transponder availability rating of 99.998 percent, New Skies satellites have set the industry standard for satellite reliability in recent years.

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