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Sign In | Subscribe will kindly team up with its clients to assemble their own offshore facilities, in which the Indonesian investment laws are openly allowed this. Anywhere you are in this planet, provides you the powerful advantage of high quality and valuable cut-rate computer software. Our far-ahead vision is spirited by our solicitous guts to anticipate the rapid cyber-world and hi-tech based business. Our dynamic team makes up their smart thought to devote the revolutionary software solutions for clients. aims to secure the clients outsourcing projects by developing the high levels of competency, dedication and skill purposed to build and nurture the long-lasting, high-reliance and excellent affairs.

Excellent Team Work supporting team comprises the energetic, sharp-minded and the well-experienced programmers and system assisted by the creative web-developers to be professionally secure any client's project to be delivered on time. The clean, fast and effective solution for your business is always put forward.

Customize Software/Application
We stand to make a final solution for your problems. With the ability of our professional team to accommodate your needs until the most possibly specific, we produce the most customize software/application just based on your need !

Project Management's effective and integrative solutions of business development competently managed for every requirement. This method facilitates you to acquire the maximum advantage from the project you forward to us, since we are committed to handle it with total care and professionalism. Yet, we thoroughly set you free from any obligation of engaged within the project (as long as you require, for which it may become too much time consuming and energy for your side) after need assessment step. Our effective and integrative solution will resolve most of your business problem, in which it tirelessly goes along you business development.

All your requirements will be managed in a tight and professional project managament, from the phase of need assasment, arrangement, scheduling, software building and constructing, pre-release, evaluation, testing and support. All around the process we stand beside you to give a fully support.

Project Cyrcle
Request - Need Assasment - Scheduling - Constructing - Evaluation - Testing - Improvement - Evaluation - Testing - Pre-release - Improvement - Evaluation and Testing - Release.

Excellent Support
We understand the meaning of support in your world. Among the various businesses you have to handle, we never let you down just for the lack of support as your partners. We take all numerous of your problems and let you concentrate on developing your business. All around the process we stand beside you to give a fully support.

Technical & Technology
Our team work is supported by numerous programmers skills, system analys, technical engeener, computer expertise.

Operating system :
Windows NT/2000/98

Programming Tools and Language
Visual Basic
Java Script
VB Script
Active Server Pages (ASP)


Application Server

We always aware and refer to the most updated technology applied to obtain maximum and powerful benefit at the lowest possible cost, without leave behind the quality. Our great system and technology superbly operated by our supporting team bring you to the future-oriented business.


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