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General Questions

Can I access my domain address with or without the "www"?
Yes, you will be able to access the domain address with or without the "www" in front of the domain name. Example: http://www.yourdomain.com or http://yourdomain.com is acceptable, whichever you prefer.

What is abltech.com's DNS information?
The following below is abltech.com's DNS information. You can use this when registering a new domain name or modifying an existing domain name.

Primary Name Server: NS.AHOTELA.COM
Primary Name Server IP:
Secondary Name Server: NS2.AHOTELA.COM
Secondary Name Server IP:

Can I transfer an existing domain name to abltech.com for hosting?
Yes, just be sure to modify your domain registration record at your domain registrar. All you need to is just to change DNS record of your domain name from recent hosting to abltech.com. Use the following DNS information to migrate your hosting to abltech.com.

Primary Name Server: NS.AHOTELA.COM
Primary Name Server IP:
Secondary Name Server: NS2.AHOTELA.COM
Secondary Name Server IP:

Normally, your domain will need 72 hours to propagate its new DNS record over worldwide network after your make a change on DNS record of your domain name with your domain registrar. Once the propagation process is complete, the global whois datanase will change the DNS record of your domain name to point to abltech.com's network.
Note : If you are not sure about this process, please contact our administrator for help. We can handle it for your for FREE of charge.

Will there be any downtime in transferring my domain name to abltech.com ?
Not at all, if your begin the process in the right way. It means that you should begin overall process by register an account with abltech.com for hosting before starting the process of migrating your server to abltech.com. Once you register an account, you will be assigned to access our server with username and password. Meanwhile we completing the process of your account, you can start uploading your website/files to our server (you can use IP address to access our server for this need). During this process your DNS record at your domain registrar is not changed yet. Once the uploading process of your website/files to our server is complete, you can start the process of modifying your DNS record at your domain registrar. (see previous items for more info).

Note that this process considers your hosting contract is not expired during this process. If you would like to migrate your hosting at the end of your contract with your recent web hosting company, we strongly recommended you to begin all process 4-5 days before your contract expired to avoid any uninrerruptable service during the process.
Please contact our administrator for more information about this.

How long does it take before my domain name is active?
Once your domain name has been registered (or transferred, if applicable), it usually takes about 48-72 hours before it is active. All Internet providers must update their records (DNS tables) to reflect the new site's location.

How do I transfer files to my web site?
Files must be transferred to the web server via File Transport Protocol (FTP), Telnet or SSH; depend your access granted to you by our system administrator. If you need FTP, telnet, mail, or other Internet software, visit ZDNet Software Library. ZDNet Software Library is a source for the latest Internet applications with ratings and reviews to help you decide which application is best suited for your needs.

Will I have unlimited access to update my pages?
Yes, you will have unlimited access via FTP and Telnet 24-hours a day. As such, you can create and maintain your web pages on your own computer and upload files to your web site at your leisure.

Can I use my account for commercial purposes?
Yes, you can use your account for commercial purposes. The World Wide Web has become the most efficient and cost-effective means of making information available to the users of the Internet community and we encourage our customers to utilize such an enormous medium.

How long does it take to set up a new account?
New accounts are set up in less than 24 hours from the time we receive your order. Once an account is set up an activation notice will be sent to you via email including your account information. You can begin uploading files to your new web site immediately. Domain account users will be given an IP address to access their site via the web prior to the completion of either domain registration or domain modification.

Do you offer any discounts for non-profit organizations?
Yes. Our policy is flexible. We can give special discount for non-government organization, and education institution. Please consult to our sale and marketing for more info about this.

Can I upgrade my account if I need to?
Yes. You can upgrade your account at anytime. You will just pay the difference between your current account and your new account. There are no extra fees involved in upgrading.

Can I subdivide my space and resell it?
No, our policy is not grant for this at this time.

Are 3rd level domains available (anyname.mydomain.com)?
Yes, as long as the package you order allow this. We can give you a third level domain name such as anyname.yourdomain.com. There is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for this.

Can you host domain names other than .com .net .org .biz .info and .us?
Yes. Abltech.com can host any domain name. However we only offer domain name registration and transferring of .com .net .org .biz .info and .us domain names at this time. If you would like to use a domain name other then that you will be responsible for registering and or transferring the domain name yourself. Once your account is setup, we will provide you with the proper name server settings your domain name will need to point to.

Can I have additional domain names point to my current domain?
You can have additional domain names point to your current domain name. For a one time $15.00 setup fee (no monthly fees) we can point a second domain name to your main domain name. This is a great way to expand the marketing of your site. E-mail sent to the additional domain name will also automatically forward to the main domain name.

Do you support ASP?
No, all our recent servers are built-in Linux Operating System which do not provide specific software to support ASP. We will consider it in the future.

Do you support JSP?
No, not at this time. JSP is something unique to Windows based hosting, and at this time, all of our servers are Linux based. We do have plans to start offering JSP in the near future.

Do you require "Forced Advertising" on my website?
No, we do not require any forced advertising on your website. Once your sign up for an account, you have complete control over content and information contained in your website.

How many subdomains can I have on my account?
Actually there is no limit to the ammount of subdomains (or 3rd level domains) that you can have on your account. But this ability is limited by your space and packages you order with us.

Do you offer Windows based hosting?
No, not at this time. Abltech.com currently runs all Linux based servers.

How can I accept credit cards on my site?
Yes. In order to accept credit cards you must have Merchant Account. If you already have it, please contact our system administrator to know how to use it in our server for maximum security.

Server, Network and Technical Related Question

What is the specification of mechine and server do you use?
IBM xSeries Server 1 GHz PIII w/ 512 MB ECC SDRAM. All SCSI Drive
Operating System : RedHat Linux 7.2 Kernel version 2.4.x

What is the web server you use?
Apache Web Server

What is your internet backbone type and class?
Our network is directly connected to Multiple DS3 and OC3 Backbone Providers (UUNet, Global Crossing, QWest, AT & T)

Where is the location of Perl and Sendmail?

What version of Apache installed in your server?
Apache 1.3.24

What version of PHP installed in your server?
PHP 4.1.2

What version of Perl installed in your server?
Perl 5.6.1

What is the restriction of a file size in your server?
Actually there is no restriction on file size to put in our server. But please be aware of speed to load the page attached with a big size of file.

How to use shared SSL facility in my account?
Please contact our System Administrator for details instruction about this.

I would like to have my own SSL Certificate. How should I apply it?
Please contact our System Administrator for details instruction about this.

May I installed IRC program at my account?
No. Install any IRC program in our server is not permitted.

May I installed Chat Program in my account?
Yes and No. Please contact our System Administrator for more information about this matter.

May I put mp3 files in my account?
Yes, but abltech is not responsible for the copyright issue about this.

May I put adult related content in my account?
No. You are not permitted to put any adult materials in our server.

Access Control Related Question

How can I put my files in my account?
You can use ftp client softwares such as ws ftp or cuteftp to put your files in our server under your account. Use username and password assigned to you to login to our server.

Where should I put my files in my account?
For public access via http access, you should your files under directory www of your account. Out of this directory, your files will not accessible for public.

Can I telnet to your server using my account?
Yes, you may telnet our server using account assigned to you by our sysadmin. Note that a number of accounts may not include this feature. Please see our webhosting package for more information.

Can I use SSH to access your server instead of telnet?
Yes, you may access our server via secure shell access using your account assigned by our sysadmin to you. Note that a number of accounts may not include this feature. Please see our webhosting package for more information.

Content Policy

What is the restriction of content policy at your server ?
In general the following categories of contents are not permitted to host in our server :

Adult materials such as photos, text, caricatur, video, audio, and or other similar digital data classified as phornography.
Illegal or outlaw materials
Copyright stolen materials and or issues.

Can I put Flash files in my account?
Yes. Please note that any flash file will require flash plugin in the browser of client side. Without this, your flash files may not be readable by the user.

What is the SMTP I use to send email?
Your account come with an SMTP. Your own SMTP access is mail.yourdomain.com. Use this to send your email.

How should I access my pop3 email?
Normally you will need a mail client program to access your pop3 mailbox in our server. Use the following information

SMTP: mail.yourdomain.com
POP3: mail.yourdomain.com
username: your pop3 name
password: your password

You can also use built-in webmail program to access your pop3 mailbox. Go to this url http://yourdomain.com/webmail to access your mailbox via webmail.


How should I contact your technical support team when a problem occurs?
Please visit this page, and contact our technical support team via phone, fax, email, or live chat.

What number which I can use to contact your technical support team?
Phone : 62-361-731520
Fax : 62-361-734379
Email : support@abltech.com


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