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ISP License (open new window) - Internet Service Provider License has added a new product to its comprehensive range of information technology services. Now, in addition to web design, web hosting, software building, and the maintenance and technical support that is provided with these services, abltech is offering the provision of ABIA – a high speed, affordable and reliable Broadband Internet access connection .

Broadband is the new revolution in Internet technology and the key to the success of the new digital economy. With this new technology, supplied and maintained by abltech, clients can enjoy Internet access up to 10 times faster than a standard dial up connection. The service comes with an always-on connection, therefore eliminating the need to dial up and wait for the modem to connect in order to get online. Broadband Internet is the latest ‘must have’ access product, and with abltech it is affordable and easy to install.

What is Broadband ?
The term broadband really means wide bandwidth and it is a measure of the amount of information that a connection can send over phone lines, cables satellite and wireless connections. The larger the bandwidth the faster information can be transmitted. In the past internet connections have relied on a narrow band with a 56K dial up capacity, which means it takes around 10 seconds to download a web page and users spend roughly one-third of their time online waiting - known as the ‘world-wide wait’. With broadband, the band is wider so it can transfer information at 10 times the speed of a normal 56K dial-up. Broadband from abltech (ABIA) is transmitted via a wireless link, whereas in the past a telephone line was always needed in order to complete the transfer and communicate with an Internet Service Provider. The new seamless technology of VSAT and the Broadband Interactive network means that information can now be uploaded as well as downloaded from the ABIA fixed wireless device, which is digitally connected to the user’s computer at a local wireless access point, thereby eliminating this problem.

Wireless for less anywhere anytime

What are the advantages of ABIA?

The incredible speed of ABIA, the Broadband system from abltech, provides the customer with the fastest means of surfing, sharing, downloading, uploading, and playing games online. There is no need to dial up and none of the delays and frustration that is caused by slow connections, busy lines and disconnections. The technology is supported by abltech’s highly trained network operations support team and a 24-hour help desk. ABIA offers fast and convenient installation, fulltime on-line access, and speeds of up to 2 MBPS in both directions, with the computer connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, therefore doing away with pay-by-the-minute fees. Obtaining and leasing a telephone line in Bali can be very expensive, but with ABIA the cost is affordable.

The system allows a super fast transfer of data, which means that the user can send and receive emails instantly – even large photo attachments and graphics. It also means that information can be found much faster, with no more waiting around for pages to download. It is possible to download software and MP3 tracks in minutes rather than hours, and to watch high-quality webcasts and videos online. Using broadband, downloading a movie trailer takes just a few seconds; users can access and download audio and video media – top quality music videos and films – and use their PC monitors as a television. Additionally, the latest online games can be played against people from all over the world.

ABLTECH Broadband is now available in Bali and is a technological revolution that is affordable, reliable and essential for both business and domestic use within today’s highly competitive market.

ABLtech HotSpot
ABLtech HotSpot is a major asset for hotels, villas, restaurants and cafés. Guests can immediately hook up to the Internet anywhere within the property, and payment of the bill can either be arranged in advance or charged by the hour at the guests' convenience. The device will add considerable value to the services of any business.

The only ISP uses Satellite-based Broadband Internet access

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